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Daily Face Moisturiser - antioxdant KiwiFruit with rosehip oil

UMF™ 16+ Mānuka Honey 250g (MGO 570mg/kg)
Brittany Welch (New Milford, US)

UMF™ 16+ Mānuka Honey 250g (MGO 570mg/kg)

UMF™ 16+ Mānuka Honey 500g (MGO 570mg/kg)
Ritsuko Watanabe (Kawasaki, JP)
I liked it

I use your Manuka honey more than three years
I appreciate your product



UMF™ 16+ Mānuka Honey 250g (MGO 570mg/kg)
Marit Rønning (Steinkjer, NO)
Best honey ever! <3

I am so glad that I picked up the tip through "Raincountry" on youtube about this great honey! and so lucky you ship to Norway! I just love this honey! I take a teaspoon when I feel groggy, and if the throuth gets a little "clogged up" I also find its great to speed up healing-prosess when different issues and scratches on my skin, if needed


Stopped the cough for two hours or more.

UMF™ 16+ Mānuka Honey 500g (MGO 570mg/kg)
Linda Kimball (New Port Richey, US)
No product like it

The honey and lozenges cured my husbands throat when nothing else would help. We bought a medical salve for curing wounds 20 years and it worked. Recommended by a physician the treated my son. No product like any we’re used. Linda


Very pleased with the Manuka Honey cough drops and the Manuka Honey Summer Glow

Rewarewa Honey 500g
Sultan Ahmed Purahoo (Taipei, TW)
Rewarewa Honey 500g

Like its special flavour. Have been using it for quite a while to replace the sugar for my coffee and a table spoon of it in a glass of water before bedtime as a detox.


Smells great and not greasy at all. It soaked right in my skin and the rash disappeared.

Manuka Honey 16+

very good and healthy honey, and most importantly real, because there are a lot of fakes sold all over the world. And the service is excellent and for many years we have been buying only this honey.

Awesome Merchant

Fast and reliable.

Manuka Kiss Lip Balm with SPF15
Peggy Voelker (Waterloo, US)
More than a lip balm

I find that it works great around the eyes for really dry skin, so I use it on my lips and around my eyes. Love these products.

Best dry skin product I have ever used

Love this product, not perfumy and my skin feels so good. I get many compliments on my skin. I am 63 years old. I wish it was available in the states but worth the shipping cost.

Super product!

I have been ordering this honey for several years now, the whole family has recovered from the bacteria in the stomach and now we maintain our health and strengthen our immunity with this honey. He is the cure for all diseases.

UMF™ 16+ Mānuka Honey 250g (MGO 570mg/kg)
Fiona Ashenden (Lower Hutt, NZ)

SummerGlow Mānuka Honey UMF™ 16+ (MGO570mg/kg) 250g

Digestive Health

My son gave me Manuka Honey when I had COVID and my recovery time was much faster than the two week norm. I noticed my digestive health improved so I ordered more. I swear by Manuka Honey and its health benefits.

UMF™ 16+ Mānuka Honey 500g (MGO 570mg/kg)
Aurora Sheridan (Brisbane, AU)

SummerGlow Mānuka Honey UMF™ 16+ (MGO 570mg/kg) 500g


I am trying this honey to see how if makes my gut feel after hearing the owners on country life

Throat Spray made with NZ Propolis and UMF10+ Manuka Honey
Fareeda Cassumbhoy (Central, HK)

Fast overseas delivery and genuine product

Skin care cream

I love the feel of this product on my skin. Smells amazing too


شكرًا لكم

UMF™ 16+ Mānuka Honey 500g (MGO 570mg/kg)
Abdullah AL Sharari (Makkah, SA)

Honey is very delicious and useful for colds and coughs. It also raises immunity. Thank you for this delicious natural honey. We wish you more.. But there is a problem with delivery. Thank you, I love your honey and have been dealing with you for a long time, but I lost my account and had to make a new account

NZ Multifloral Pollen Granules
Paul Renner (Ross, NZ)

Very Fast delivery, well packaged, tides product , Thanks

Hand Cream Instant Moisture
G King (Sydney, AU)

I love the instant softness and the fragrance, the best moisturiser I’ve ever used.